Who We Are

Michelle Sorensen is Director of Permanent Placements. She was graduated from Richard Stockton College with a BS in International Business (with honors). Michelle has been with WHN for five years and keeps all the trains on track and running on time. She handles all the requests for long-term placements and is a master of putting the right nanny with the right family. When she leaves her desk job at 5, she puts on her running shoes to keep up with her two very active young boys.
Denise Rossel is the Director of Temporary Placements. She handles new client intake and is responsible for screening and vetting the pool of great nannies who fill all our temporary and emergency jobs. Denise is a graduate of the Academy of Holy Cross High School and has her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland. Denise’s family is from Chile and she is fluent in Spanish
Aerin Wallenhorst is the cheery voice who shepherds the nanny candidates through the screening process for long term placement. She and Michelle work together to put together the best pool for permanent placements. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland (Baltimore) and has recently completed her Masters in Historical Archaeology. She has had a long history of working in a customer service industry.
Suzannah Klein , or "Zanny" as she is known, is in charge of staffing both individual and corporate jobs as well as our childcare events. She rarely has a moment to pick up her head during the day. She grew up in Vermont, is a graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin, and understands the polar vortex. She was not hired for her misspelled last name, Klein.
Richard Kline is in charge of our Corporate Division and all things legal and financial. He grew up in DC, attended Washington University in St Louis, and was graduated from American University with a degree in Real Estate. He also has a law degree. Richard helps manage the day-to-day business operations of WHN while struggling to use only his “inside voice”.
Hannah Schroeder graduated summa cum laude from The Ohio State University with a degree in Communication and was hired despite the Klines’ allegiance to the University of Michigan. After a year and a half spent learning about financial services and maritime law at a lobbying firm, Hannah was ready for a new challenge and is glad to be part of the team finding clients caregivers as wonderful as the one she had when she was young. Hannah provides support to both the Temporary and Permanent divisions.