Family FAQ

What are the qualifications required to be a White House Nanny?
We are only looking for the best qualified candidates. White House Nannies requires at least five years of recent, verifiable childcare experience, or a combination of education credentials and related childcare experience before a nanny can register with our agency. All of our nannies must be able to drive, must be legal to work in the United States, must have good English skills, and must be CPR and First Aid certified.

How do you screen your nannies?
After an initial telephone conversation to ascertain that their legal status, language skills, and childcare experience meet our exacting standards, candidates must complete the following steps in the screening process:

  • The Application: Detailed applications, outlining the nanny’s biographical information, childcare experience, and work history chronology are reviewed for conformity with our standards.
  • Reference Checking: All childcare references (including letters of reference) are interviewed at length by telephone by experienced staff. Candidates with excellent childcare references are then invited to our office for a personal interview.
  • The Interview: All employees in the permanent division are involved in each interview. Through our detailed questions and conversation we get to know our nanny’s personalities, track their work history, and get their “wish list” for what they are looking for in a new position.
  • Background Investigation: After an offer of employment is made to a nanny candidate, all information is forwarded to a professional background investigation service retained by White House Nannies to prepare a detailed background report. This report includes: criminal, felony, and misdemeanor checks, sex offender registry check, driving history, social security number trace, employment verification, and education verification (if within the United States).
  • CPR Training: All nannies are required to be CPR certified or take the CPR class within ninety days of qualification. We offer classes monthly.

How much will I need to pay a nanny?
The salary of each nanny is dependent on her experience and education. The average salary of a live-out nanny in the DC Metro Area is $16-$20 an hour (gross).

How long will it take to find a permanent nanny for our family?
It’s our goal to find you the right nanny as soon as they are needed. On average, the search for a nanny takes 2-8+ weeks depending on the details of your position.

What are the Agency fees and guarantees?
Once we receive the free completed client application and have assessed that we have appropriate referrals, we then require a $300 non-refundable registration fee that initiates the search for a long-term nanny. This initial fee also enrolls you in WHN’s Temporary & Emergency Service for one (1) year. When you select and hire a nanny candidate to fill your childcare position, you negotiate the nanny’s salary directly with the candidate.

Based on the negotiated salary, a Non-Refundable Placement Fee of fifteen percent (15%) for childcare placements, twenty percent (20%) for nanny manager, household manager, or estate staffing placements is due when the nanny starts to work in your home. There is a minimum placement fee of $2,500.

If, for any reason, the placement is not satisfactory and is terminated in the first 120 days of the nanny’s employment, we will offer you a partial credit of your original fee to be applied towards a future search. This credit is pro-rated based on the number of days that the employee was in the position. Our Placement Agreement provides a detailed outline of all of the terms and fees mentioned.

What are the typical benefits nannies receive?
The benefits each nanny receives are unique to her needs and the family she will be working with. Some of the benefits provided to a nanny by the family include: two weeks paid vacation, sick days, most federal holidays, use of car, work cell phone, and contribution to health plans (if needed).

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