Placement Options

Thank you for considering White House Nannies, Inc. for your nanny placement needs. Our goal is to provide you with the very best service available to help you achieve the peace of mind that comes with hiring your ideal employee. This agency understands that this is the most important hire you will make in your child’s life. The following are some in home childcare options:

Permanent Nanny: A nanny for your child gives him/her the advantage of one-on-one attention in the comfort of your home. The nanny may live-in with your family or live-out while employed by you. A permanent nanny is responsible for carrying out the daily routine of each child, tending to each child’s basic physical and safety needs, and providing and leading developmentally appropriate activities and stimulation. Depending on the age of the child and/or parental preferences, other job responsibilities may vary to include organizing play dates and outings; providing transportation for the children; tending to children’s laundry, room upkeep, and food; and traveling with the family. The average work week is generally between 40-55 hours. More…

Permanent Part-Time Nanny: A permanent part-time nanny has the same responsibilities as a permanent nanny but maintains a shorter work week—anywhere from 10-35 hours. Their schedule may vary from one to three full-time days per week to shorter hours on 3-5 days per week. These positions are typically sought for after-school care but can also cover morning or daytime help, as schedules demand. This type of placement can be more challenging to fill as most professional nannies are looking for full-time hours.

Nanny Manager: The nanny manager tends to work in households where the children are school age but still in need of supervision when they are home. During school hours, the Nanny Manager assists with all manner of errands including grocery shopping, dry cleaner runs, birthday party gifts to name a few. They help keep the house stocked with supplies. They may also oversee workers in the home or simply be on site for deliveries. They are in charge of anything to do with the children: laundry, cooking, cleaning children’s rooms.
When the children are at home, the focus of the job shifts to them. Carpooling to activities and overseeing homework become their primary functions. On average Nanny Managers work between 40 – 55 hours per week and may either live-in or live-out of the residence. Their combined duties and years of experience also translate into higher salaries.


Our Temporary Division provides a variety of childcare services for short-term placements (under one year) on both a scheduled and emergency basis.

Regular in-home care: At White House Nannies we understand the value of having access to the very best childcare when unexpected circumstances arise or you simply need short-term childcare help. The services of our temporary nannies are available on weekdays, evenings, after-school, weekends, and holidays and take place during daytime or evening hours in the comfort of your own home. We can help you with anything from a single date of back-up care to a consistent 6-month need and everything in between. Some of the most common uses of our temporary services are school holidays or cancellations, sick days, date night, supplementing your full-time childcare arrangements or on-going after-school care. There are very few temporary service requests that we have not encountered.

Overnight Care: Life can be stressful and unusual circumstances may require back up assistance. White House Nannies, Inc. understands that you might need a nanny to remain overnight in the household as backup. Family illness, business trips and vacations are some of the instances that may require you to engage extended overnight care for your children.

White House Nannies, Inc. offers overnight care for children older than twelve weeks throughout the DC metro area. These overnight engagements require as much advanced notice as possible. Nannies usually charge between $18 to $20 per hour depending on the details of the assignment and their individual experience.  The Agency charges a referral fee of $45/day/Nanny for overnight engagements scheduled through our office during regular business hours.  Referral fees for job requests made through our On-Call service are $10/day/Nanny higher.

Newborn Services: There is nothing more exciting than having a new baby. Taking care of that infant, however, can be a daunting prospect. Enter the Newborn Specialists. This select group of individuals is able to assist with all aspects of childcare for newborns. They specialize in children from birth to 12 weeks of age. Many have worked with preemies and multiples. Newborn Specialists may have nursing backgrounds or years of experience with infants that have given them a profound understanding of newborns’ behavior. All Nannys are CPR and First Aid Certified and have been pre-screened to provide the highest quality childcare. They understand the stress of introducing a newborn into your home and can help you and your baby ease into a new routine. Newborn specialists can work daytime, overnight, or 24/5 shifts.

It is best to reserve our Newborn Specialists in advance as some of them travel the country providing their services nationally.

Summer Nanny: Our summer nannies are generally college students and school teachers from across the country. Every year we have a terrific pool of candidates who are active, bright and energetic.  These talented nannies will provide assistance for your children’s summer activities as well as for your summer vacation needs. Summer nannies typically begin their positions in late May/early June and conclude in August. We encourage clients to begin the summer nanny search process as early as March.

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