Salaries & Fees

Permanent Placements

Once we receive the free, completed client application and have assessed that we have appropriate referrals, we require a $300 non-refundable registration fee and signed contract to initiate the search for a permanent nanny. This initial fee also enrolls you in our Temporary & Emergency Service for one (1) year so that you may use those services either during your search or as a back-up option once you have made a full-time hire.

When you select and hire a nanny candidate to fill your childcare position, you (the employer) will negotiate the nanny’s salary directly with the candidate. The average range for live-out nannies is $18-20 per hour (gross). The salary of a live-in nanny varies based on the requirements of the position and the nanny’s experience. Room and board are also factored into the amount paid.

We have two levels of placement  fees.  Our Premium Service Placement  Fee  is based on 18% of the caregiver’s first year salary. There is a 90 day free replacement policy. Our Deluxe Service Placement Fee is 20% of the caregiver’s first year salary and has a 6 month free replacement policy. There is a minimum Placement Fee of $3500. Each of the fee  levels  include many more  services which we are happy to outline for you when you call the office.

Temporary Placements

There are two ways to use the services of our Temporary Division. The first option is to become a registered client with the agency for an annual fee of $300. The agency charges a daily referral fee (see chart) any time you use the service. Payment to the nanny is handled directly between you and the nanny at an agreed upon hourly rate (usually between $18-20).  The agency bills your pre-authorized credit card for the referrals twice monthly. The agency keeps records of your usage and feedback and charges lower referral fees to all registered clients.

The second option applies if your need for our back-up services will be infrequent over the course of the year. In this case, you may still access our services without becoming a registered client. However, referral fees for non-registered clients are higher.

For your convenience, there is a member of our staff on call whenever the office is closed to assist with your unexpected or emergency needs. The following is a list of our Temporary Division referral fees, as they vary by type of care and job circumstances:

Service Regular Rate On Call Rate
Standard childcare $35.00/day $45.00/day
Holiday childcare $50.00/day $60.00/day
Newborn care (under 12 wks) $45.00/day $55.00/day
Newborn overnight $55.00/day $65.00/day
Standard overnight $50.00/day $60.00/day
Non-registered childcare $65.00/day $75.00/day
Non-registered overnight $85.00/day $95.00/day

Summer Placements
In order to begin the search for a summer nanny, your completed application and signed Placement Agreement should be submitted along with the required, non-refundable, $100 application fee.  The total placement fee of $1,700 is due, in full, at the time the summer nanny is hired. While the placement fee is also non-refundable, there is a two (2) week “get acquainted with your nanny” period.  If a problem arises during that period, we will make every effort to find a replacement, subject to candidate availability and suitability.

Employers are legally required to withhold their portion of Medicare, Social Security, and Unemployment from their nanny’s wages. While not a requirement, most nannies prefer that their taxes – including state and federal—be withheld as well. White House Nannies, Inc. is currently referring Clients and Nannies to Homework Solutions .

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