First Time Parent Program

Hiring a nanny is the most important hire you will ever make.

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“I feel as though I’m swimming upstream without a paddle” many of our new parents have reported to us.

Many about-to-be and recently new parents are overwhelmed by the whole prospect of hiring someone to take care of their newborns. Their lives have changed drastically and wonderfully. But the sheer abundance of information makes decision making that much harder.  And no one wants to make a mistake on this hire. Historically, there was no Internet, no mom blogs, no parent chat rooms, no online list serves. No wonder new parents are drowning in a sea of information. How does anyone know how to sift through all the data! Who are these parent experts writing with such authority? Some of the information out there is cringe-worthy. How are new parents to know what to do?

White House Nannies developed a proven program for first-time parents to help guide them through this most important hire with special consultative services only available to first-time parents.

New parents will receive:

Getting off on the right foot and learning how to manage your household will eliminate the anxiety caused by this critical hire and help ensure success.

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