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Save money and increase productivity with flexible corporate childcare services.

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Postpartum Childcare Benefits

Are you a local business looking to attract and retain the best talent? Consider offering the unique benefit of postpartum childcare in the form of Overnight Newborn Care and In-Home Postpartum Visits for your employees.

Postpartum Home Visits by a Registered Nurse

$200 per visit

This service is intended for families that have just brought their baby/babies home and have a million questions. Our in-home visit benefit is a wonderful way for your company to show your employees that you are thinking of them during this unique and often stressful period. Our Registered Nurses and Doulas will spend 4 hours addressing any of the family’s questions and providing teaching around the following.

Overnight Newborn Care

Give your employees and their significant other the gift of sleep though our Overnight Newborn Care benefit.  You set your budget and we help you customize a plan for offering a set number of nights of overnight care by a Newborn Care Provider. Employees can then schedule these nights as needed directly with White House Nannies.  

We make signing up and rolling out our Corporate Benefits Program easy.  Simply complete the form below we will contact you to help create your custom account.

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