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Permanent Nanny Services

You are about to make the most important hire – and you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed. Our team of professionally trained matchmaking experts will save you time and frustration, match you with the right nanny, and provide ongoing support and emergency care services.

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Temporary Care

With more than 200 fully screened, experienced, and qualified babysitters, we are ready to provide you with temporary or emergency care when you need it. Even if the office is closed, someone from the Temporary Division is on-call and available to help.

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Newborn Care

Whether you’re a first-time parent or just looking for an extra set of hands and some sleep, we offer a wide array of services to help you with all of your newborn needs—from overnight care, preemie and multiple care, postpartum visits and doula care.

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Event Childcare

White House Nannies has extensive experience providing professional and engaging babysitters for weddings, family parties, conferences, corporate events, university alumni weekends, and charity events. If you’ve been to an outstanding event in the DC area, it is likely that our nannies were behind the scenes caring for the children of athletes, clients, guests, and performers.

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Hotel Services

Whether you’re traveling to DC for that once-in-a-lifetime interview, a special event, a business trip, or to take in the sights, you’re looking forward to a stress-free visit. Don’t leave childcare to chance. Our engaging babysitters will provide expert childcare and keep your children safe, happy, and engaged.

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Corporate Childcare Services

U.S. employers lose $3 billion annually due to employees’ childcare related absences. Our corporate backup childcare program has proven results for local businesses including many of the D.C. area’s top sports teams and government offices.

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Private Chefs and Cooks

We place chefs, private chefs and home-style cooks for clients looking for ongoing support as well as for events.

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Summer Nanny Services

Summer nannies typically begin their positions in late May or early June and conclude in August. We encourage clients to begin the summer nanny search process as early as March.

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To learn about how we can help you find the right nanny for your family, contact us today at (301) 654-1242.