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White House Nannies is the Gold Standard for Childcare since 1985.

Like you, I had a hard time finding high-quality childcare when my children were young. In fact, I became so frustrated by the process that I quit my job in 1985 to start White House Nannies. Thousands of successful placements later, I’ve learned that there’s no shortcut to finding great care, but there is an art to matching the right nanny with the right family. 

As a parent, it can feel like you’re expected to know everything about parenting, from nutrition to how to hire a nanny, the minute your child is born. As your children get older, expectations grow. Discipline, brain development, 7th-grade math, social media … none of it is easy, and you never stop needing a hand. 
In reality, parenthood is hard. And you’re not supposed to know everything, especially when it comes to hiring a nanny. Whether you have a newborn or a teenager, finding a great match for your family is an overwhelming process. 

We are your partner in this journey and will help make this one part of parenting easier. 
By registering with White House Nannies, you will have a dedicated team of professionals on your side who will handle the entire process. You will receive personalized service and have access to our matchmaking expertise and the very best nannies in the DC area. You will work with a company that values integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Most importantly, we will help you find the nanny with the right combination of training, experience, and skills for your family. 

We very much look forward to getting to know you. 


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