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Permanent Nanny Placements



Nanny salaries vary depending on job requirements, the living situation, the number and age of children, and the nanny’s experience.

Salaries are negotiated directly between nannies and families.

Summer Nanny Placements


Temporary Nanny Placement Fees

Registered Client: $350/year plus daily referral fees

This service is best for families who regularly need temporary care for date nights, school closings, trips, unforeseen emergencies and mildly ill children. All of your information, including childcare preferences, past nannies, and any medical issues, is confidentially and securely stored so we can send you the best babysitter for you and your children as quickly as possible.

Registered clients pay $50/day/caregiver to the agency. Payment is handled directly between you and the babysitter at an agreed upon hourly rate.

For your convenience, a member of our staff is on call until 10 pm (except Saturdays until 7pm) to assist with your unexpected or emergency needs.

Standard childcare
Holiday childcare
+ $15.00/day
Newborn care (under 12 weeks)
Newborn overnight (under 12 weeks)
Standard overnight
Standard 24 hour childcare
Newborn 24 hour care (under 12 weeks)

** Higher referral rates apply if you request a service after regular business hours. To avoid paying high referral rates, please call our office during regular business hours or contact us via email or our new portal. Please be advised caregivers may charge up to time and a half on major holidays.


Employers are legally required to withhold their portion of Medicare, Social Security, and Unemployment from their nanny’s wages. While not a requirement, most nannies prefer that their taxes—including state and federal—be withheld as well. We recommend Homework Solutions  or GTM payroll services for help with your household tax needs. For topline information about employment laws in DC, MD, and VA, click here.  

To learn about how we can help you find the right nanny for your family, contact us today at (301) 654-1242.