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Permanent Family Application

You are about to make the most important hire – and you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed.

You need a reliable, caring, and experienced nanny who is going to stay with your family for the long-term. You need someone with the right skillset to match your needs and who takes their childcare career seriously. You need someone who will love and nurture your children. White House Nannies will handle the entire process for you and take the guesswork out of finding the best nanny for your family. Our team of professionally trained matchmaking experts will save you time and frustration, match you with the right nanny, and provide ongoing support and emergency care services.

Because only 5% of all nannies who apply to White House Nannies are accepted, you can rest assured that your nanny can meet your high standards. All of our nannies:

Many of our nannies have chosen the childcare profession as their long-term career. They are happy to make a minimum one-year commitment to a family, though many of our nannies stay with their families for five or more years.

Some of the most common nanny placements we make are:

Full-Time Nanny: A permanent full-time nanny manages your children’s daily routine and becomes a partner for your family. Full-time nannies generally work 40-50 hours per week.

Family Assistant: The role of Family Assistant is designed to support families whose children are either in school part time or all day. Typically, children’s ages are 3-12 years old. This full-time position is a hybrid role consisting of childcare (primary) and household management (secondary). The schedule for this position is usually 11 am – 7 pm or 12 pm – 8 pm. Many of our family assistants have college degrees. Below are a range of duties that fall within the scope of a Family Assistant. 

Note: Employee’s ability to complete certain duties is dependent on their schedule. White House Nannies can provide more counsel and insight around how to design a job description that prioritizes your family’s needs and attract the best candidate for your role.

  1. Pick up and drop-offs for children
  2. Organization and tidying of children’s play spaces and bedrooms
  3. Homework Supervision
  4. Family laundry
  5. Grocery Shopping
  6. Meal Prep and basic cooking
  7. Tidying of kitchen
  8. Family Errands

Household Manager: Household Managers typically work for families with older children. These are full-time roles requiring considerable experience, savvy, and comfort with multitasking. The primary objective of this employee is to ensure a household is running smoothly. Because the children tend to be older and more self-sufficient, the childcare component is secondary, and most often not present at all. The schedule for this position is usually 11 am – 7 pm or 12 pm – 8 pm. Many of our Household Managers have college degrees.

When the right nanny and family are partnered together, a beautiful and enriching relationship is formed. We know families and nannies who truly become a part of each other’s lives, staying in touch long after employment has ended.

Our matchmaking expertise will save you time, take the stress out of the process, and help you find the perfect nanny for your family. Click here to apply today, or contact us at (301) 654-1242 or [email protected] for more information.


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