What People Are Saying

Everything is going well! I honestly don't know what we would do without our nanny and I can't imagine anyone else taking care of our baby. He loves seeing her each day when she walks in the door (which is very comforting to us). We can tell she is very responsible but she is also laid back and not overbearing which is a perfect fit for us. I can't say enough good things about her, and we appreciate your help in matching us up!

First Time Parent

Everything is going fantastic with our nanny -- We both adore her, as does our daughter and our nanny adores her right back. She is prompt and cheerful every day and has offered some fantastic suggestions for our daughter with just the right approach. We truly feel as though she is collaborative with us on ideas for our baby, both in terms of activities and her care. She came with us to a recent pediatrician check-up and asked great questions and really paid attention to the doctor's advice and guidance. We can tell every day how much nanny cares for our baby; she is so patient and kind with her (and with us!) and has helped us in so many ways, finding ways to tidy up and organize while she is napping. Going back to work after maternity leave was not easy in a lot of ways, but I have never once worried about our daughter or the care she gets when I'm not home. We know that she is in excellent hands with our nanny, and we cannot thank you enough for helping to match us with her-- we really feel like we've won the nanny lottery!

(First Time Parent)

I feel very lucky that I found White House Nannies during my desperate Google search when I was around 30 weeks pregnant. I was a first time mom hoping to go back to work in 3 months, but was uncomfortable sending an almost new born baby to a daycare center. During our first meeting, Annie and Barbara patiently walked me through the process of hiring a nanny and told me everything that I needed to know. Immediately after the meeting, they followed up with a couple of nannies to interview. This is how I met our wonderful nanny, who became an integral part of our family. She has treated our daughter as if she is her own – our daughter runs towards the door every morning with a big smile as soon as she hears the door opens! I am now happily back to work knowing that my daughter is in very good hands. I cannot thank White House Nannies enough to make this all happen!


I have worked with children for over ten years. When my husband and I moved to Virginia for his new job. I was in need of a job and especially since I work with children, I found Whitehouse Nannies online. I put an application in to become a nanny around our area. I was contacted within the week! They call and email you and you can tell how caring and determined they are to place you somewhere you will love. I was explained in detail on how the services work and so on. I was then contacted by Stephanie first and then talked with Annie about the families. We talked about EVERYTHING we needed for this to work. They asked me to come in for an interview with them. I was so happy and excited when I went to their headquarters because everyone was so sweet and welcoming! Annie and Stephanie are VERY good at responding to your emails quickly if you have any questions about ANYTHING! Annie placed me with a couple of families until I found the right one for myself and that family who I would be with! And I can honestly say Annie placed me with a truly WONDERFUL family and I couldn't be happier!! I 100% recommend this service and to give it a try! They are so great at White House Nannies!

Jillian (Permanent Nanny)

My experience with WHN has been nothing but positive. Barbara, Annie, Stephanie and all of the amazing staff at WHN were so thoughtful, considerate, patient and great advocates for me in my search as a nanny. They actually reached out to me after completing my application process for temporary nanny work with the company (which I totally recommend doing. It’s a great and fun way to earn some extra cash!) and encouraged me to pursue full time nanny positions. I was so honored that they took the time to see the potential and pursue it! It did take me a bit longer than expected to find my Nanny Family, but when I did, it was worth the wait! Throughout that elongated process, I must have called these poor people 2-3 times a week, they could recognize me by my voice. However, as trying as that might have been for them, Annie always answered my calls and emails with enthusiasm, encouragement and understanding. They didn’t give up on me and now I’m living my dream! Sounds dramatic, but I could not have imagined having such fun every day at “work” with such an incredible family to interact with without the phenomenal staff at White House Nannies. They provide regular training opportunities for their nannies, fun outings for nannies and their kiddos to build a sense of community and, for those potential nanny families, they really do look out for your needs as well. They only sent me to families they really thought would be a good match. I scoured those job postings assuming, “Maybe they just hadn’t thought of me yet for this job” when in fact they had and realized that that was not going to be the best fit for either of us. Advocates all around! I would highly recommend them to any potential family or nanny! Best of luck in your search!

Beth (Permanent Nanny)

Like many first-time DC parents, about 12 weeks into my pregnancy my husband and I started the process of applying to and touring of daycare centers. When it became clear that daycare wasn’t going work with our schedules, we started exploring the nanny option and were immediately overwhelmed by the online resources. That’s when a friend recommended White House Nannies. From the first email, to our initial meeting with Annie and Barbara we knew we had made the right choice. And that was before we met our terrific nanny. While I have friends that fretted about leaving their infant when they returned to work, I was confident that our then-four–month-old daughter was safe and happy. Our nanny cares for our daughter like she’s her own – and frequently offers us advice since, as first time parents, we frequently have no idea what we are doing! I really can’t thank White House Nannies enough.


As a first time mother living in downtown D.C., I was a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to find the right child care for our new baby. I did not want to spend the precious time on my maternity leave running my own nanny search, but I knew I could only return to work if I found someone terrific - loving, experienced with infants, and professional - to care for him. When I engaged the help of WHN, I knew I had done the right thing. They invested substantial effort in getting to know me and my family, including through a 1.5 hour meeting in their office, to make the right fit. In that meeting, they gave me good advice on what to look for in a nanny, how to interview one, and how to manage that important relationship. I also appreciate the post-placement follow-up as a first time mom and nanny employer. We love the nanny they sent us, and I have felt very well supported in my return to work!


My husband and I found White House nannies after our full time nannie had to abruptly leave due to a family emergency. Over a one month period we were paired with two of their temporary nannies who couldn’t have been more helpful, gracious, and knowledgeable. In our search for a full time nanny we once again recruited the services of White House Nannies who were amazing. We were quickly provided with three nannies to interview, and while we only ended up meeting with two, the two we did meet were off the charts. Ultimately we now have a nanny that feels like a family member, and we know cares for our son as if he was her own. We know now more than ever there’s no neighborhood list serve that could provide such high quality professionals as White House Nannies.

Tyler & Adam

“We couldn't be more pleased with our nanny. Our baby is thriving! She already has him on a better schedule than I ever managed, he is eating well, sleeping well, and seems happy and contented. She is always early or on time and has been very understanding of my irregular schedule. Thank you for your part in helping us find her! I am happy to be back at work, and it really helps me to know that our son is in such good hands.”


"My husband and I were very nervous about leaving our first child, at three and a half months old, when I returned to work. WHN, which is run and staffed by working mothers, understood the special anxiety of first time parents and helped make the transition to a nanny as smooth as possible. We met several wonderful nannies and ultimately hired a woman who in a few short days had our son grinning from ear to ear whenever she walked through the door. We are now incredibly confident and comfortable that we can spend our days doing work we love and come home to a child that is happy, healthy, and thriving! We're so thankful WHN not only introduced us to this woman, but also helped us determine how to set the guidelines and boundaries for a nannying relationship that we hope and expect to endure for many years and through more children.


“We were not happy with our nanny and wanted to replace her. But how do you fire someone who works in your home every day caring for your child? And how do you find someone new to take her place? That’s when we discovered White House Nannies. White House Nannies was there for us every single step of the way. From coaching me on how to let our nanny go (everything from how to do it, what to say, what kind of severance to offer), to finding us the perfect replacement, they helped guide us through a very difficult process, and saw us over the finish line. Today we could not be happier. We have a nanny that is not only great at her job, she is like part of the family. It melts my heart to hear my daughter say, “I love you” to our nanny each night when she leaves to go home. There are few things more important than finding the exact right person to help care for your children. They are not easy to find. So thank God for White House Nannies. I hope our current nanny is with us a very long time, and I never need to look for another one. But if I do, the first call I will make will be to White House Nannies.”


I highly recommend using WHN. I was seeking employment and stumbled on their website. I filled out the information and the next day I received a call to set up an interview. I was so nervous when I arrived for my interview, but everyone was so welcoming and professional it put me at ease. I went to several families for interviews until I found the perfect match! I am still currently working with the family and it has simply been the best job I've had. The office girls are so genuine and helpful that it made my experience even better. They are hardworking and truly want the best for you.

Erika R.

White House Nannies has been nothing but kind and helpful to me in my work as a nanny. They placed me with a perfect match family and have always kept in touch and been there for anything I needed!

Nicole T.

I was employed with WHN for over two years and would still be with the firm if I hadn't moved away for school! I LOVED working with WHN and was so fortunate to be employed by an agency that highly valued me as an employee. After passing their extremely rigorous screening process, I was lucky enough to work alongside extremely talented caregivers in collaboration with wonderful families across the DMV. My workdays never seemed like "work" as I spent my days building with Lego, completing art projects and playing outside with energetic and inspiring kids. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique challenges that came with working as a full-time nanny, and I am extremely grateful to have worked for a company that invests significant time and energy into training and mentoring their employees. I cannot say enough good things about White House Nannies - my time with this company has been the most rewarding of my entire professional career!

Hannah H.

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