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Special COVID-19 Update

White House Nannies is continually updating its staffing procedures as it relates to COVID-19 to help ensure the health and safety of the families, children, and caregivers we work with. Please refer to the most up to date sick policy information here:

What should I look for in a nanny?

The perfect nanny for your family DOES exist, but she isn’t the same for everyone. Great nannies have a variety of backgrounds and experiences. What all great nannies have in common is a love of children, good judgement, patience, flexibility, and a sincere desire to foster the growth and development of children. 

When looking for a nanny think about your needs, not just in terms of hours and responsibilities, but also what kind of personality would work best with your child and your parenting style.

How much does it cost to use White House Nannies?

Annual gross income for full-time nannies depends on a variety of factors including hours needed, the number of children and their ages, the experience and or education level of the nanny. In general, full-time nannies in the Washington, DC area make between $30-$35/hour. Family assistants in the area tend to make between $33-$38/hour depending on experience and job description. Household Managers tend to make between $35-$40/hour.

If my nanny is sick, will you send someone else?

Yes! Your initial placement fee also enrolls you in our Temporary & Emergency Service for one year. Prevailing daily referral fees will apply. Please note that the prevailing sick policy will also apply. Please refer to the most up-to-date sick policy here.

How do you screen your nannies?

After an initial telephone interview to ascertain that their legal status, language skills, and childcare experience meet our exacting standards, candidates must complete the following steps in the screening process:

  • The Application: Detailed application that outline the nanny’s biographical information, childcare experience, and work history chronology are reviewed to ensure they meet our high standards.


  • Reference Checking: All childcare references (including letters of reference) are interviewed at length by telephone by experienced staff. Candidates with excellent childcare references are then invited to our office for an in-person interview.


  • The Interview: Two to three White House Nannies staff members interview every potential nanny. Our detailed questions and conversations help us to get to know our nannies’s personalities, learn more about their work history, and understand their job “wish lists.”


  • Background Investigation: After an offer of employment is made to a nanny candidate, a professional background investigation service prepares a detailed background report that includes: criminal, felony, and misdemeanor checks, sex offender registry check, driving history and  social security number trace.


  • CPR Training: All nannies are required to be CPR certified or take the CPR class within sixty days of qualification. We offer classes monthly.
Can I hire a temporary nanny for my sick child?

Although our babysitters can care for children with mild illnesses, it is important to remember that nannies are NOT medical professionals. Our babysitters can only administer medicine with signed authorization and explicit instructions from the parent(s). Additionally, please refer to the most up-to-date sick policy here.

To learn about how we can help you find the right nanny for your family, contact us today at (301) 654-1242.