Giving Back: For every placement, a place to sleep

It’s a sobering statistic: At least 50,000 families in our area sleep on the floor, lacking the basic needs so many of us take for granted. Since 2011, White House Nannies has partnered with A Wider Circle™ to help families in poverty get their children off the floor and tucked into beds.

Based in Silver Spring, MD, A Wider Circle helps children and adults lift themselves out of poverty. For every nanny placement we make, White House Nannies donates the cost of a twin bed, including a mattress, box spring and frame, in the name of the hiring family.

As A Wider Circle’s executive director Dr. Mark Bergel has said, “If you can get a decent night’s sleep, you’ve got a shot at creating change.” We are very proud to be part of such a worthy cause and hope that our WHN families will join us in helping the truly needy. Visit to learn how you can help.