Corporate Services

With today’s workforce having so many dual career families, the search for quality backup care can be a headache not only for parents, but for their employers as well. U.S. employers have lost $3 billion annually due to employee childcare related absences. On-site or local daycares work some of the time, but employees with mildly ill or older children often find them limiting. Our corporate program of backup childcare provides a more secure and flexible option, with the following proven results:

  • In-home backup care eliminates daycare problems resulting from sick children or children too old for daycare
  • Some companies report a 70+% increase in employee attendance with an in-home backup childcare program
  • Reduced absenteeism reduces lost productivity and employee stress resulting from employee childcare issues
  • An in-home backup care program can reduce employee turnover by as much as 30%
  • Increased productivity and reduced absenteeism coupled with tax benefits can improve bottom line performance

Working with White House Nannies, the corporate backup program is easy to set up, administer and evaluate. The nannies that we place in corporate service childcare requests must go through the same stringent screening process as the nannies placed through our in-home Temporary Division services.

Pricing of White House Nannies’ corporate services is determined by company demographics (number of employees, where employees reside, etc.) and billed based on utilization of our services at an hourly rate. For more specific information on pricing corporate services, please contact us at (301) 652-8088.