A Babysitter is Not a Nanny

White House Nannies Jobs

Sep 22nd, 2015

If you search online, there are so many nannies available for hire that your head will spin. Upon more careful examination, there are not as many viable options as would appear…

There are many people who take jobs as nannies as their last resort; often when their “real job” offers didn’t pan out. Based on our years of experience, these nannies feel little to no accountability or loyalty to the families whose jobs they accept. These are babysitters taking nanny jobs when they would much prefer working at a non-profit, Fortune 500 company, or for a government agency. The truth is, we don’t have enough really good caregivers who take this profession seriously.

That’s why last week was a particularly gratifying one at White House Nannies.

Three nannies we placed in 2005, who have been in their jobs since then, came back to us to look for new families. Each one had heartwarming stories to share.  They didn’t just have job security for a decade, they developed relationships with their employer/families and got to see the children they took care of grow and evolve. Talk about job satisfaction! Hearing about their wonderful experiences made us smile and share in the vicarious pleasure of these relationships.

Being a caregiver is a profession not just a stop along the way to something better. This is Nanny Recognition Week, and I’m proposing a toast to all our great nannies!

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