Can We Solve This Problem?

White House Nannies Jobs

Dec 23rd, 2016

The Washington Post sites huge shortage of childcare options for DC families. May I just say that this is not news for any parents who have looked for childcare in the past decade. Additionally, DC is reported to have the most expensive childcare in the nation. And back to the supply issue. Even people who can afford childcare are not finding it easy to find quality people to care for their babies and young children. Should you need after care for your children outside of what schools provide, good luck finding someone who wants to work those critical 3 or 4 hours a day in your home.

Clearly, we have a problem which is not new and is not going away. We need an intervention. Childcare needs to be credentialed profession. We needed to have a trained workforce that can keep up with demand and also get paid for doing this essential and demanding work. Government is going to have to subsidize some kind of program. I keep hoping someone is going to take this issue on.


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