Cute as a Picture

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Jan 31st, 2017

During our in person office interviews, one of the questions we ask all our nanny candidates is if they are comfortable texting and sending pictures during the day to their employers. We know that parents want to be part of their kids’ lives even if they can’t be with them during the day. Getting snapshots from the park, pool, or library is a great way of feeling connected.   The question may sound odd or even laughable in these times of total connectivity, but many of our nannies are not millennials and don’t live on their phones. Good news for parents worried about focus.  But what happens to those pictures? Where do they end up- other than with their parents- is worth a discussion. There is a lot of creepiness out there and we want to make sure that none of those adorable pictures make it into the wrong hands. Our advice to parents when they hire a new nanny is to have some ground rules about picture taking and posting. Most of us have Facebook and Instagram accounts no matter what age we are.  It’s worth the time to talk about the sharing of the photos and the settings on our phones. Geotagging, for instance, is most likely oversharing for nannies and their charges. Picture posting is a worthwhile topic to discuss whether you have a new nanny or one who has been working for you for a while. Take a moment to read this post for more helpful info.

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