Did You Know it’s National Nanny Recognition Week 2021?

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Sep 20th, 2021

It took a pandemic, but people are finally noticing. Childcare is a massively undervalued profession. Being a nanny is hard work. If you spent any time without childcare during the Pandemic, you know that 10 hours a day with a baby or child is challenging. It takes patience, focus, kindness, and skill. Did we mention patience? And if you had childcare throughout the pandemic, thank your lucky stars. 

Part of being a good household employer is recognizing your employee’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to your family. It’s easy to take for granted all that these employees do – it’s not glamorous work. And yet the nannies who perform these duties love their jobs. They wouldn’t choose to do anything else. Thank goodness! This city would grind to halt without professional nannies.

Sept 19-25 is National Nanny Recognition Week. Yes, a FORMAL opportunity to show your appreciation. 

In honor of this time, here are some ideas for parents wanting to acknowledge the hard work their nannies do:

  1. Pay for class or membership in the INA (International Nanny Association)
  2. Give a day off
  3. Give a thoughtful gift certificate
  4. Write a note of thanks with something special inside
  5. Flowers and a note of thanks

These are just a few, but there is no shortage of gestures we know will be most appreciated by your devoted nanny.

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