Giving Thanks

White House Nannies Jobs

Nov 26th, 2013

Here’s what we at  White House Nannies are thankful for:

Barbara is thankful for:

  • Our children (who have jobs they like)
  • Celebrating the trifecta of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and 32 years of marriage all in one day
  • Great employees
  • Our new office space
  • Elastic waist bands
  • Dark chocolate

Zanny is thankful for:

  • Happiness and good health
  • Days when the Red Line is on time
  • Co-workers who bring in baked goods
  • Cactus Cantina

Hannah is thankful for:

  • The National Zoo’s Panda Cam
  • Ann Taylor Loft and its frequent sales
  • The Washington Nationals,
  • My goofy and tragically geriatric dog
  • My brilliant, but completely insane little sister
  • The generosity and love my parents offer me every day

Aerin is thankful for:

  • My awesome hubs who encourages me everyday to be the best person I can be.
  • My two pooches, one of which is reaching the golden age of 19 and the other is just beginning her 8th month of life. Both of which teach me more patience then I thought possible.
  • Living in a time that modern medicine is at a point where things are found before they become a big problem.
  • Getting to become an aunt twice in one year.

Richard is thankful for:

  • My health and that of my entire family
  • My wonderful wife and children
  • The continued good health of the dedicated and hard working staff @ WHN
  • The loyal and committed pool of caregivers who keep our temporary division running
  • Being settled into our new offices with most things functioning
  • My own office with 4 walls and a door that can be closed when I am talking too loudly (still working on my “inside voice”)

Michelle is thankful for:

  • My two precious… yet precocious little boys. All of the hugs, kisses, smiles, belly laughs and even the screaming, kicking, pounding-the-floor tantrums.
  • Every second that I get to be “mommy” to my sons and watch them grow…which is going by all too quickly.
  • My loving and supportive husband who is such an amazing father to our children and who can (every once in a while) take the kids so that I can have a mommy’s day out.

Denise is thankful for:

  • Amazing family and friends
  • Good health
  • Zanny and Hannah (my temp team)
  • Keurig Machine


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