Go Away

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Aug 16th, 2017

August is typically the time of year that I write about taking nannies on vacation or paying nannies when you are vacationing. Not this year. Despite my dislike of what can be viewed as self-indulgent musings, I want to share my experience at the hairdressers this past Saturday. What does my hair cut have to do with my normal blogspace? Not much and a lot.

Here’s the backstory. I have been going to the same hairdresser for more than 15 years. His first language is not English. In fact, unbeknownst to me, when I first met him he only knew two words. Yes and darling. It worked for me. For years. No matter what I asked for or said, he had the same response. Yes, darling. We laugh a lot about that now. He is a wonderful guy who has had much success in this city. But back to the point.

When I saw him this past Saturday, he had just returned from a six day vacation with his family. If you don’t think vacationing makes a difference, you should see my haircut. Not that it’s ever actually bad. Sometimes it takes him 15 minutes to cut, others 45 minutes. Saturday was the 45 minute plus cut. He was definitely very focused and seemed to be enjoyed giving me a great haircut. We-he-talked all about his six days with his wife and daughter and what a good time they had had.

How important it is to be with family having fun! My hairdresser was totally revitalized and I was the beneficiary of his renewal. We all get run down working, working, working – even if we love our jobs. Getting away is a good thing. After, we are better at our jobs. We are better parents. We are better spouses. And the bonus is that we are creating family memories.

My hope is that everyone is getting a bit of a getaway so we can all feel better and be better at what we do.

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