I’m Gobsmacked!

White House Nannies Jobs

Apr 26th, 2012

As the Prime Minister of England, I would assume that you get the pick of the nanny crop. You reside in the epicenter of nannydom. The world is your oyster, and childcare is not going to be a problem for you or your family. It’s a perk of your job. You can actually hire Mary Poppins. She lives in your hometown. So why, may I ask, were you looking for candidates in Australia? And why, after reviewing nanny files from what I can only assume is a reputable nanny agency, did you and your wife select Sammi Strange from the pile of potential hires? I DON’T GET IT. The only thing I do get is that “Strange” is an appropriate moniker for this selection.

Let’s review Strange’s credentials. Sammi has worked as an advertising sales assistant for a TV station but her dream job is to work as an events manager.  She has admitted to shoplifting, smoking and drinking, but denied taking drugs “in the past month” And –when asked if she swears, she dutifully responded with the f-bomb.

Here’s what we can agree on. Sammi Strange is quite cute looking and seems very personable. She knows how to Skype.  She can backpack. She is probably energetic. She is probably a lot of fun. Her father is hoping she’ll meet and marry Prince Harry but is concerned about wedding costs. Stateside, we would consider the aforementioned pretty skimpy credentials for what has to be a demanding childcare position with lots of press scrutiny.

Mr. and Mrs. Prime Minister, who is your current nanny agency and how did they vet this candidate (and the others) to begin with? Did they give you advice or guidance? But most importantly, what were they thinking?  Mr. and Mrs. Prime Minister, please call me (011)-301-654-1242.

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