Nanny Makes the Match

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Aug 3rd, 2016

There is nothing more fun, other than seeing your own children get married, than seeing their lifelong friends find true love and tie the knot. This past weekend our family headed up to New Hampshire for a beautiful outdoor wedding at the home of former DC residents.  While their 1700’s home had plenty of history, it is our shared history that struck me. This family has been part of the fabric of our lives for the past three decades.

Guess how we all met? We had a very active 18-month-old boy that needed to work off that pre-verbal, toddler energy. No better place to run around for us than Lafayette Park in NW DC. Our Bolivian nanny Maria met Argentinian nanny Analia who was taking care of a little boy just the same age as ours.  That foursome bonded. We then met the parents and the rest is history, our history.

Despite all living in separate places for the past 15 years as the boys dispersed for high school and college and then the work world, this past wedding  weekend brought the two families together once again –the groom, his nanny, and his old friend.  What are the odds that both young couples are now going to be living near each other in LA? Both sets of parents are already planning a joint visit in the fall to see them on the other coast. The boys were talking about how great it would be if their (future) kids became friends.  And all because two nannies in a park met and introduced their charges over 30 years ago!


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