Sleep Learning

Your Roadmap to Sleep–Your Baby's and Yours

Sleep Learning

Did you know, sleep is a learned behavior?

Your baby’s transition to sleeping through the night doesn’t just happen naturally. As a new parent, how are you supposed to know what your baby needs to learn this essential behavior? You aren’t. White House Nannies, in partnership with a trained Pediatric Sleep Consultant/Sleep Medicine Nurse Practitioner, has developed two unique sleep learning programs for our busy clients.

While there are countless online and self-guided programs you can buy from self-proclaimed experts, we provide IN-PERSON, customized support from a trained and degreed professional. We want to share the best, curated information available. You have enough on your plate to handle and figure out on your own – let an expert help your family get the sleep everyone desperately needs.


Newborn to 3 Months

For the planner. This sleep learning package gives you a step-by-step process and in-person, text, phone, and email support for implementing healthy sleep habits starting from 6-8 weeks. Engaging your baby at this earlier stage allows for a more gentle and smoother transition to sleep with minimal crying. By starting at this time, your baby will usually sleep 11-12 hours at night by 10-13 weeks if they do not require a night feed.

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3 Months+

Desperate for sleep? So often we hear from anxious parents nearing the end of their parental leave or who are back at work with babies that are not sleeping through the night. They are concerned about their ability to function in their jobs in their current state of exhaustion. They need their babies sleeping STAT. This (gentle) bootcamp style program takes advantage of your older baby’s ability to learn sleep skills more rapidly (compared to newborns). You will receive everything you need from our expert to achieve sleep success as quickly as possible and maintain it!  

Reach out to us at [email protected] or call 301-652-8088 to learn what is included in this comprehensive package


About Our Expert

Sleep Learning Expert

Kimberly is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner focused on clinical pediatric sleep medicine. She is also a mom to three children.

As a new mom, Kimberly faced sleep challenges with her firstborn. This personal experience alongside her impressive professional experience as a clinician in pediatric sleep medicine makes her an empathetic and passionate expert in this field.

Through hands-on, one-on-one in-person consultations and ongoing support, Kimberly works with parents to teach infants the healthy sleep habits needed to ensure that the whole family is well-rested.

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