White House Nannies Jobs

Nov 21st, 2017

We love our White House Nannies tradition of sharing with you all the things we are thankful for. In particular, we are thankful for our amazing  nannies, wonderful clients, and great co-workers. We hope you all have a Very Happy Turkey Day!


Barbara is thankful for:

The prospect of being in the same time zone with our children

ELASTIC waist bands

Wonderful friends and neighbors

An amazing WHN staff

Holidays with extended family

Dark chocolate


Richard is thankful for:

Constant reminders from my wife—about everything

Wildly observant critiques on the appropriateness of my attire


Sunday golf outings

Our children and their spouses

Things that crunch


—Richard as written by his wife

Stephanie is thankful for:

Family Vacations

Holiday Sales

My Amazing Husband

Wawa Hoagies

Really Great Co-Workers at WHN

Netflix and Hulu

Annie is thankful for:

My two determined and creative kids

My loving husband

1 school drop off

Local family members

Laughter in the office

Our dedicated WHN nannies

Alexis is thankful for:


Brooke and Phil and their amazing smaller humans

My amazing grandparents



Fuzzy robes

Denise is thankful for:


Amazing/Supportive Family

Life long friends that are like family

Netflix: Stranger Things & Grey’s Anatomy

Wonderful team at WHN (including our devoted nannies)

Brittany is thankful for:

My new husband, even the in-laws

Family & friends who travel across the country

The opportunity to help caregivers and families

WMATA stepping up their game

Vineyards with mountain views


Michelle is thankful for:

Being a mom to two amazing little boys

My loving, hardworking husband who is a wonderful dad to our boys

Days that I don’t have to break-up fights between my two boys

Strong Coffee in the morning – to help me keep up with my two boys

Being a part of the WHN team for the past 9 years






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