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Nov 19th, 2018

We love our White House Nannies tradition of sharing with you all the things we are thankful for. In particular, we are thankful for our amazing  nannies, wonderful clients, and great co-workers. We hope you all have a Very Happy Turkey Day!

Barbara is thankful for:

The joy of grandparenthood (in no order other than birth) Will, Teddy, and Brooks

The terrific people I work with

37 years of married bliss

My children and their spouses whom I love

Elastic which allows me to dress


Richard is thankful for:

Three beautiful, healthy and wonderful grand children;

The wife (boss) with whom I share these grandchildren;

The great, always skillful and  efficient WHN team;

The good health of my entire family and the staff here at WHN;

The great Michigan football season. Hoping to celebrate a huge win over Ohio State on the 24th. GO BLUE !!!! and

The Capitals winning the Stanley Cup.


Annie is thankful for:


My 2 kind and thoughtful kids!

My hard working hubby


New running shoes

Gillian is thankful for:

My Husband Scott

My identical twin baby boys

Sleep training programs that give me hope

Amazing grandparents that live nearby

Amazon Prime – without which I could not function

My White House Nanny, who makes it possible for me to go to work everyday and come home to happy thriving babies!


Denise is thankful for:


Our beautiful new home that is conveniently located VERY close to my best friends

Chilean Christmas and New Years

Loving and supporting parents (mine & Bob’s)

A rat-free new car


Brittany is thankful for:

My husband who is also my best friend

A Colorado Thanksgiving with my family and friends this year

Weekend trips to Charlottesville to visit my in-laws

A glass of Cabernet after a long day

Sun Basket- because my husband will cook dinner when he has ingredients and a recipe delivered to our door


Stephanie is thankful for:

My husband, Matthew

Our new family dog, Lucy

Heated blankets

Hiking in National Parks

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


Michelle is thankful for:

My loving, hardworking husband

My two amazing boys who know how to keep me on my toes!

Coffee. Strong Coffee.

Wonderful Family and Friends

Summers at the beach

Sabrina is thankful for:


Dunkin Donuts

Julian Edelman

Unlimited data plans


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