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Nov 22nd, 2016

It’s a WHN tradition to share with you what we at WHN are thankful for this time of year. We wish all our families and nannies the Happiest Thanksgiving!

Barbara is thankful for:

Best White House Nannies staff ever

New members (son-in-law/daughter-in-law) of our family

Old members of our family

Nutritional labels


35 years of married bliss

Great doctors


Richard is thankful for:

35 years of delightful marriage to my boss

Wonderful, loyal and hardworking staff of White House Nannies

Our skilled and caring providers who do such an amazing job

Our many loyal clients who help us grow and prosper

Our children finding and marrying such wonderful spouses

The good health of my family and the staff here at WHN


 Annie is thankful for:

My two adorable children who keep me on my toes and teach me how to be a better person

My loving husband who works hard every day

My mom and mother-in- law who adore our kids and would do anything for them

My job and wonderful co workers

The ability to meet exceptional nannies every day who share their love for children


Stephanie is thankful for:

My loving husband, Matthew

Fresh produce at the local farmers markets

All of Netflix’s original content

Warm blankets and crackling fireplaces

The fact that coloring books for adults are now a thing

My mom still baking me a special batch of my favorite holiday cookies every year


Denise is thankful for:

Family & Friends



Some Redskin victories

Costco runs for the office


Michelle is thankful for:

My two sweet busy, busy, busy boys

Strong coffee

My wonderful husband

Trips to the beach

The holidays and family gatherings


Kaylyn is thankful for:

My family

My friends

The wonderful people I get to work with at WHN

All of the free museums in DC


Hungry Harvest


Brittany is  thankful for:

My fiancé

My family & friends

WHN & my colleagues

Halo Top


Trips to Colorado





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