What DC, MD, and VA’s Stay-at-home Order Means for You

White House Nannies Jobs

Mar 31st, 2020

Dear White House Nannies Community, we want to provide you with information about what the stay-at-home order means for you.

We have confirmed with Governor Hogan’s office that while the stay-at-home order is in effect in Maryland, nannies fall under the category of “residential service” which is considered essential. A recent article in the Washington Post states that DC and Virginia are following the same categorization. 

While nannies and babysitters are permitted to travel from one house to another and from one jurisdiction to another,  the health and safety of our community is our priority. Employers: please speak with your nannies in your employ about care arrangements. Nannies and temporary caregivers please talk with your employer and families you are scheduled to work for. 

If you are continuing to report for work, it is advisable that your employer provide you with a letter of some kind in case you are stopped by law enforcement. If you work any corporate jobs for White House Nannies Employment Services, we will text you a PDF of a letter to have on your phone.

For questions about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) please refer to this resource page from Homework Solutions which outlines your options as an employer. We highly recommend watching this 7 minute video summary by Homework Solutions’ President, Jay Shulze 

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