You Didn’t Just Say That, Did You?

White House Nannies Jobs

Aug 12th, 2010

Interviewing prospective nannies is one of the best parts of this job. Three of us sit  with each candidate. We’re friendly and make the effort to put everyone at ease. We are trying to get additional insight into each person beyond what they put on their applications or have said on the phone. We’re chatty and open. By the time they get to the office, we’re feeling good about them. Then they say something that makes us cringe. Recent college grads with little interviewing experience are  more prone to blurt out some pretty silly answers to our questions. Here are some recent exchanges:

Why did you come to DC? For the night life.

What the worst thing anyone would say about you? I do have a temper, but kids don’t  really piss me off.

Do you drive? Well, I do but apparently I need a license. I’ve been driving with a learner’s permit.

What are your future goals? Well… Certainly not to be a nanny.

These interviews  we conduct are the reason people pay us. We tend to ferret out information that determines whether someone is worth the time to interview.  Everyone we know is busy or has things they want to be doing.  Who wants to waste a perfectly good Saturday or Sunday afternoon with  a non- viable hire. While goofy or inane responses may not eliminate  a candidate from getting a job, we have a much better sense of who the “keepers” are. Those are the nannies who get  to go on to the next level.

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