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Feb 11th, 2011

February was always a great month in my house. My mom was born on Lincoln’s birthday, my father on Washington’s birthday, and they were married on Washington’s birthday. We were a very patriotic group!  My only sister was born in the beginning of the month. Growing up, I never even considered that February could be depressing. There was a lot to celebrate.

As the owner of a nanny agency, I  now have a different take. I have come to fear this month because I know what it means in my business. The phone is going to start ringing with calls that go something like this:

“I don’t think I”m going to make it here. I just can’t spend another day inside.  AND she’s home on maternity leave.”

Every year I hear a facsimile of the above. The weather is awful. Nannies taking care of babies or little ones can’t get out for walks or to the parks.  Cabin fever sets in. I have talked many a nanny  afflicted with February doldrums off the ledge . Even if it’s crummy out in November and December, we have the holidays to keep our spirits buoyed. We’re still feeling good into January. By February, any glow of the season is long gone.

Last week I had a revelation.

Plan a party. For February. I know there’s that big February 14th event, but my advice is to plan a really nice get together for friends. Don’t make yourself crazy–allow people to bring a favorite dish. Go for comfort food. Your friends will really be appreciative, and you’ll be so busy getting it together, you’ll forget about the miserable weather.

I gave a surprise birthday party for one of my good friends. It took two good weeks of running around and lots of planning. Fortunately, we were spared a snow storm, and the party went off without a hitch. I have never entertained a more appreciative group of people. Everyone was so happy to be together, drinking wine, eating good food, warmed by a roaring fire in the fireplace, and being surrounded by friends. It occurred to me that  a good party is the answer to the February blahs. So whether you’re a nanny or a family not fortunate enough to be heading to the Caribbean,  start planning your party. It may really help keep your spirits up.

In addition, we’ve put together a few places you might want to visit this month:

The National Gallery of Art -Sculpture Garden Ice Rink

The Botanic Garden

The National Aquarium, Washington DC

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