Holiday Gifts & Bonuses

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Dec 6th, 2012

Wondering what to give your nanny? We get lots of calls every year with questions about holiday gifts and bonuses. We hope the following suggestions can help you when making your shopping list.

Last year when I asked a group of nannies what they would want most for the holidays other than money, I got some interesting responses.  Several responded they would like something they wouldn’t give themselves. Spa treatments, gift cards for favorite stores and restaurants, tickets to shows, concerts and the theater were requested by many. Others brought up the gift of all gifts – an iPad or a more reasonable alternative, a Kindle. This year’s top choice may be an iPad mini.

Mostly, I suggest hard cold cash, which is usually the most desired and most needed gift. Nannies tend to live pay check to pay check. Often they are the head of their households, sole supporters of their children and this extra cash allows your nanny to buy for her family. As for how much–that’s up to you.  The dollar amount tends to relate to length of service and sometimes just how much you like your nanny. Some people do give a week’s salary for every year worked. (I realize that if your nanny has been with you for many years, this equation may not be feasible.) Some combination of money with a gift and/or gifts from the children. I love the idea of involving the children in the gift-giving process- and handmade gifts are lovely gestures, but some amount of cash is definitely the preferred gift. Give what you can. I know it will be appreciated.

There is no better time to reward the person taking care of your children than now.

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