Did You Know It’s National Nanny Recognition Week?

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Sep 25th, 2017

I can think of a lot of hard jobs that exist. Some require extensive education. Others require technical know how. Some are physically grueling.

I’d like to add childcare to the list of tough and often undervalued jobs. Seriously, ten hours a day of tending to little people is no walk in the park, even if it often involves just that. Patience, good judgment, kindness…Did I mention patience? People who are good with children have a gift. You can study education and learn underlying principles, but it doesn’t mean you are gifted with children. In my 30-plus years of working in the nanny world, I have been so fortunate to meet an amazing group of really special caregivers. They are a unique lot from all over the world, from every walk of life. They are the joy of owning a nanny business.

While I’ve read articles describing some pretty incredible perks of nannying for high net worth families, these articles are describing less than half of 1% of most nanny jobs. Those positions do sound enticing: yachts, private planes, vacations in great spots; but they are misleading to be sure. Most nannies get in their cars, spend time in a miserable commute, walk into a kitchen not cleaned up from the night before, and start their chores. Get those sleepy kids up, get them dressed and fed, off to school or off to the park. Not a lot of glamour. And yet the nannies who perform these duties love their jobs! They wouldn’t choose to do anything else. Thank goodness! I know this city would grind to halt without them.

In honor of National Nanny Recognition Week, here are some ideas for parents wanting acknowledge the hard work their nannies do:

  1. Pay for class or membership in the INA (International Nanny Association)
  2. Give a day off
  3. Give a thoughtful gift certificate
  4. Write a note of thanks with something special inside
  5. Flowers and a note of thanks

These are just a few, but there is no shortage of gestures I know will be most appreciated by your devoted nanny.

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