Love and Work in the Time of Corona

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Apr 23rd, 2020

Nothing has been funny or even slightly droll since this pandemic took overnothing, until I went for a walk with my spouse. 


I have had a ritual of walking with friends, one or two times per week for the past decade, or more. Same path, same people. Same great gab sessions.


 Now, I walk with my husband who is also my business partnerand the only person I am hanging out with while practicing strict social distancing. 


I’ve been told by him that I have the nasty habit of wanting to talk about work issues at 11:30 PM, just as he wants to go to sleep. I am so annoying according to him. 


But now we can walk and talk business during waking hours! 


Oh, my. NOT a good idea. After I asked a question related to some tax filing, he became unhappy. His voice grew so loud that an elderly couple (even older than us!) several yards ahead, turned around to see who was disturbing their peaceful stroll. Embarrassing. Good thing I was totally incognitowearing a mask, sunglasses, and baseball hat.


Because I am perfectly capable of a pivot and could not risk alienating the only other human in my life. I hatched a plan to appease my exercise partner. 


We both had new airpods. The next time we walked, he listened to music and I tuned into a podcast with Congressman Katie Porter explaining the new tax bill. At the end of the walk, he turned to meafter we had not exchanged one word for several milesand remarked how much he had enjoyed the walk. Together, but separate. 

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