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Jul 23rd, 2012

I love the pictures featured along with Mona Simpson’s article “The Other Mothers of Manhattan” In last week’s New York Times Magazine. http://www.nytimes.com/indexes/2012/07/15/magazine/index.html

In case you missed this cover story, Ms. Simpson features photos by Michele Asselin of nannies holding the children they care for. In each portrait, the loving nature of the relationship jumps off the page. The warmth and affection and even love are palpable. Each picture captures the special bond between nanny and child.

The Other Mothers of Manhattan
The Other Mothers of Manhattan


Nannies, while paid for their work, are not paid to love the children they care for. They are hired and paid to take the best possible care of the children. The love is a by-product or bonus of their work. While most mothers hiring a nanny hope the caregiver will love their child or children, there is often an underlying subtext: Love my children–just not too much. And the corollary: I want my children to love the nanny— again, just not too much– and certainly not as much as they love me, their mother. I cannot say it enough. Moms need not worry. Kids know who their moms are. And they love them whether they’re tired and cranky and impatient or smiling and loving and relaxed. It’s a huge win-win when these children love their nannies and their nannies love them.

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