What You Should Look For in a Nanny

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Oct 8th, 2018

Want to know what to look for when hiring a nanny? Well, don’t pay attention to the hot new hiring trend coming out of NYC! According to the NY Post, families are looking for nannies who can also blow-dry their hair or give them and their spouses massages. They’re calling these nannies “Super Nannies.”

This is a truly horrible concept. Why? Because there are places for finding efficiencies in your busy family life, but the idea of using your nanny as your personal care professional is not one of them.

A childcare provider should be focused on the children in the house. OK, she can throw in a load of mixed laundry or make a family dinner, but the line has been crossed when she is rubbing massage oil into your spouse’s back.

Here are some examples of more appropriate qualities you can look for that we think make a nanny SUPER:

  1. Teaches your child(ren) another language
  2. Imparts her musical talent
  3. Is an organizational guru
  4. Can create awesome costumes or art projects for every holiday
  5. Shares her love of cooking
  6. Is passionate about child development
  7. Has medical training or experience

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