Why Baby Swim Lessons Could Save Your Child’s Life

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Jun 3rd, 2019

The weather has finally turned. It feels like summer. For families looking forward to enjoying time together at the pool, here is some information via the Washington Post that all parents should have.

In its newest water safety guidelines, the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that children around the age of one should start swimming lessons. Why? Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death in US children ages 1-4, and the third-leading cause of injury-related death in kids 5 to 19. Formal lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88 percent according to Debbie Hesse, executive director of the USA Swimming Foundation.

It never occurred to me that swim lessons for babies was a real thing. Of course, I’d seen pictures of little babies having lessons with their parents but it didn’t register that it was a really good idea. Just a fun activity to do with your kids if you happen to like spending time in a pool.

While you might think you could teach your own baby to stay afloat, formal lessons with a certified instructor are probably a better idea. A certified instructor will offer consistency, repetition, and step by step curriculum. If you sign up for group lessons, make sure to check out:

  1. The ratio of babies to instructor (no more than 6 to 1)
  2. The water temperature of the pool (it should be warm)
  3. The class length (30 minutes)
  4. Number of classes (6-8).

The idea is not that your year old baby will be swimming the butterfly stroke, but that they will learn to blow bubbles, kick and eventually roll over and float on their backs. At this early age, the idea is to teach babies not to be afraid of the water and to stay safe while learning to swim.



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