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Mar 31st, 2015

March is Women’s History Month. Lots of #womenwow trending. I can certainly attest to how wowed I am by the women in my office! This blog is an ode to women who are moms (and those who aren’t) who make it work at work. I see it everyday at White House Nannies. How many times have I heard form our clients, I don’t want to hire anyone with her own children to take care of my kids. Along with that prevailing “wisdom” is the caveat of not hiring anyone planning a wedding or anyone pregnant. I’ve managed to hire successfully in all categories.
At White House Nannies, I am filled with tremendous admiration for how our very talented staff has managed to navigate some of life’s very big challenges with great aplomb.
I have always thought of myself as keenly observant. In my office, however, I managed to miss the morning sickness of two of my employees despite the fact that they both had violent cases that sometime s lasted all day. They were total troopers. They never missed work and they never complained. No excuses. They are professionals.
When clients tell me that they don’t want to hire nannies with young children because they won’t be reliable, I always feel the need to point out that they wouldn’t want their bosses with that attitude. If a caregiver has backup and a history of reliability, I don’t feel they should be excluded from the pool of viable candidates any more than my female clients should be denied work because they are mothers.

One recent Wednesday (my day out of the office) , several of the women in the office dealt with some traumatic news. My pregnant employee had life and death issues with her unborn baby. Good news: the baby was born healthy at 38 weeks! The other mom got a scary report back form her daughter’s pediatrician. The 3rd mom has had her plate filled juggling two young children and an impending move. Yet everyone did her job while supporting each other through their respective crises. They are the same empathetic people on the other end of the wire when frantic parents call this office in need of help. They get it. Hats off to working moms and other hard working women who make a difference.

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